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HarmonQuest is on YouTube, and it’s hilarious

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Harmon Quest

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If you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, and if you’re reading this site there’s a good chance you are, there’s a new show out that might appeal to you. HarmonQuest from Dan Harmon, the mind behind everyone’s favorite quasi-demented animated comedy Rick and Morty, follows Dan and some friends as they navigate a campaign of a pen and paper role-playing game that is for legal purposes most assuredly not Dungeons and Dragons.

As the crew struggles to retrieve a set of rune stones and close a magical seal before some cultists can resurrect a dangerous demon, they are joined by a series of guest stars like Aubrey Plaza and Nathan Fillion, whose improvised character names provide a persistent source of comedy.

In addition, the central cast themselves of Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, and Erin McGathy, along with their deeply flawed characters, are always good for a hearty guffaw, whether it’s Dan’s half-orc with his unresolved father issues, latent homosexuality, and self-acknowledged cowardice or Erin’s improvised Irish shanty that always accompanies her barbarian rages.

And if you’re in the mood for some of that classic D&D dice-based combat, there is plenty, as Erin cuts her way through swaths of enemies with her trusty ax “Only Friend” before compulsively building little statues with their bones. Though admittedly a lot of the conflict is kind of tethered to the needs of building a cohesive story, which is why the main characters never seem to have to worry too much about HP, while nearly every guest star ends up the victim of a contrived death by the end of the episode, you know, to make room for the next one.

On the plus side, waiting for the guest star to get killed is always entertaining as you wonder how Ron Funches’ feared (yet gentle) smuggler character is going to eventually meet his end.

Directing all the action is Dungeon-Master Spencer Crittenden, whose Dungeon-Master-standard bearded visage, ponytail, and glasses are a familiar sight to any role-player as he accompanies the players and serves as narrator.

The series is produced by streaming service Seeso, which has made the whole season available for streaming, or if you’re not sure about paying the $10.00 monthly fee, though there is also a free trial, you can sample the first episode, featuring Paul F. Tompkins (with a stylish moustache!) on Youtube for free. Check it out below.

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